Monday, 30 May 2011

How kungfu learnt

In your first class, you will be faced with a great deal of new information. In addition to exercises for stretching, muscle power, and vital energy, there are the actual movements of Long Fist. Each movement contains many physical components: movements of the feet, legs, trunk, arms, hands, eyes, and breath. There is also an underlying mental component of each movement. Every movement has a specific purpose, and it is up to the teacher to develop each student's understanding of that purpose, so the student can extract maximum benefit from practice.
Some who teach martial arts are not aware of the underlying purpose of each movement, and simply expect students to follow them through a series of unfamiliar and meaningless movements. Other teachers expect that students fight or work with advanced students on the first lesson. Learning Kung Fu at our school is different.
In your first class, you will begin learning how to condition your body. After your first month, you will feel a difference in the strength of your arms and legs, an increased ability to concentrate, and an improvement in your overall health.
After your first six months, your increased strength and concentration will enable you to perform a set of basic Kung Fu movements, and you will feel energy such as you have never known. Progress without unnecessary frustration or injury is possible because, as teachers of Chinese martial arts, we understand the underlying nature of the movements, their true purpose, and how to teach them systematically to beginner students.

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